Marine Mammals for Kids

Mammals of the Sea

Marine mammals are mammals that rely on water for their existence. Some live more in the water than they are on land. Examples of marine mammals are seals, dolphins, whales and walruses.

I will share to you each marine or water mammals I know and I will give description to each one. This article on water mammal facts for kids will help you teach your kids about these amazing animals.

Walruses have tusks that are actually long and that can grow 3 feet long. Both males and females have them. Walruses use their tusks to pull their big bodies out of the water onto ice. Sometimes they use them to catch prey or to poke air holes in the ice.

Manatees are gentle, slow-moving water mammals sometimes known as sea cows. These large animals propel themselves through rivers and coastal waters in search of grasses, algae and water plants.

Otters have webbed feet and are expert swimmers. River otters can dive 60 feet or more. Sea otters dive even deeper in search of food. They live in the sea or in rivers and they hunt for fish, shellfish and other animals.

Seals or sea lions have large front flippers which help them get around on land, while seals are slow and awkward. Seals are definitely made for swimming. They eat fish, birds and shellfish and most of them live in cold water where fish are plentiful.

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